About Mark Pace Photography

Mark Pace (photographer for Pace Photography) born in Perth, Western Australia, is a well traveled, experienced photographer. Marks dedicated passion to photography started over 20 years ago when he traveled around Australia following his love for the coastal/ ocean environment, capturing endless landscape images.

Pace Photography specializes in Wedding Photography and Landscape Images, as well as engaging in a variety of different photography options including Portrait, Commercial, Events and Sporting/ Action Photography.

With Mark’s creative, adventurous spirit, and love for photography, his aim is to capture memories in photographs that will last a life time. Mark has a detailed understanding and knowledge of many picturesque locations throughout Western Australia whether its to add to his extensive landscape image portfolio or if its for a family portrait shoot, wedding, whatever the occasion, Pace Photography guarantees exquisite images.

Pace Photography takes great pride in their work, and use the latest professional digital cameras and editing equipment so the customer receives a state of the art end product. The latest in digital technology is used in the production of your photographs and our professional cameras supply crystal clear digital images that make it possible to receive excellent quality pictures.

Starting out as a Landscape Photographer, Pace Photography has over the years, become one of Western Austrlalia's Premier Wedding Photographers. Wedding Photography came along with a little bit of luck, when a close friend of ours handed us the opportunity to be their wedding photographer as they had previously seen some of Mark’s photography work. Since that day its pretty much taken off, we have been approached by friends over the years to take their wedding photographs for them and it’s been through word of mouth we have been getting work, which we feel is the best form of advertising and suggests couples are really happy with our work. Pace Photography realise how important a decision it is choosing your wedding photographer and having a good relationship with the photographer from the moment you meet, to the finalization of your album. With our exceptional attention to detail, together with our personal touch, Pace Photography gives you stunning memories of your special day.

Whether you are planning a wedding, or any other special event, Pace photography promise to deliver professional service with elegance and style.

Pace Photography is well known for taking great pride in their service, quality and attention to detail.
We look forward to meeting you.… you are guaranteed exquisite images from Pace Photography.